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Providing Ontario with the

Lowest Insurance Rates since 1989

With instant insurance quotes and undeniably the best customer service in Ontario, no wonder TITAN is ranked among the

Top 10 Insurance Brokerages in Canada

Industry Best 


The award winning brokers at TITAN INSURANCE are known for there superior customer service and relentless pursuit of the clients satisfaction.



We are always looking for new ways to meet the needs of our clients. Lots of the innovations made by TITAN INSURANCE has been adopted by the entire insurance industry

Special Group Discounts

This is a discount that allows insurance companies to give lower rates on certain insurance products.

The Client is Always First

One of the biggest mistakes in the insurance industry is that the, clients needs are always overlooked by Direct Insurers (eg. banks, belair, etc.). Here at TITAN INSURANCE, the clients needs are always put as the first priority.



When you have as many insurance companies as TITAN does, its easy to see why we always have the lowest rates in the most flexible payment options. From experienced low risk drivers to young high risk drivers, we have an insurance company that fits everybody's needs. Get your free instant quote TODAY!


Our qualified staff will make sure that your House, Condo, Apartment RV, Mobile Home, etc.., is insured from all possible dangers. For owners we offer comprehensive solutions with huge discounts. For tenants, we offer affordable rates which guarantee a peace of mind for your liability and contents


Insuring your commercial vehicle with a reputable broker is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your fleet or individual commercial vehicle. We are the leading brokers in Ontario when it comes to Commercial Auto

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