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Become a Titan Member

The benefits of being a Titan Insurance broker partner are endless. Not only do you gain the independence you crave, but you gain the financial stability you could not otherwise have on your own. One fear a producer has when attempting to stop working for someone else and take control of their career is the overhead cost. With Titan Partner Program there is no need for any overhead cost. Brokers have the ability to work directly from their home, their cottage, their client’s home. Titan is everywhere the internet is. We are completely mobile. All you need to conduct your business through Titan is a computer, a printer, and a connection to the internet.

Titan Insurance brings brokers even more benefits with increased financial strength and flexibility to take advantage of purchases. We can also help with retirement and succession planning assistance to maximize the value of your business. Titan will also be able to provide you with additional corporate tax advantages, greater expense control and greater economies of scale. 

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